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Lola a pretty little lady

by Old Fat Man

Thursday 12/12/13
Decided to try new day new girl, did not know any on the roster so just took pot luck.

Papasan greeted me and said all girls busy one will be available in 15 mins, no worries
wait in front of TV.

Papasan again shakes my hand and simultaneously helps me out of chair by pulling my arm.
I mention this only because I have never been assisted out of a chair previously, and being an old fat man
I have come to appreciate the difference that slight assistance makes. Then the usual routine and money changes hand.

Lola enters the room, makes a good first impression pretty, petite, light skinned, long dark hair with well formed B cups
with ample nipples, she was undressed ready to go when I got out of the shower.. This set the scene for the punt she seemed to be desperately keen to make me come I felt she was rushing get it over with. Leading to issues getting it up. Lola seemed unperturbed by this and continued with
some vigour using her hands and mouth until the inevitable happened and the old fella came to life and she jumped on board as fast as she could going hell for leather for about a minute, then said you on top switched to missionary she appeared disinterested and the old fella took a smoko and she was straight onto him with hands and mouth ending the smoko.

She quickly readied herself for doggie and I obliged, I could not tell if she was interested or not at this angle but she did look good I grabbed her hips and slammed away until I blew which was not too long. She cleaned herself up and then me.

This was still a good value punt and though I felt rushed initially, Lola gave a good firm massage afterwards.

Tx Old Fat Man

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